Join the Feuerstein Community as we welcome Prof. Jael Kopciowski! In her upcoming lecture, Movement, Touch, Hearing, Proprioception, Motor Awareness: Stimuli that Promote Holistic Integration, Dr. Kopciowski will explore the history of learning modalities used in education and rehabilitation. Historically, visual and audio modalities have been given preference, however with the increase in available materials for the visually impaired, use of tactile/kinesthetic learning aids have become more widely used, rightfully becoming an active mediation tool used in everyday learning situations! If you are curious about Feuerstein's tactile program, or have an interest in the history of education and rehabilitation - this is the lecture for you! We look forward to having you join us for a lecture you will not want to miss! (This lecture will be given in Italian with English translation)

Posted by Feuerstein Institute News at 2023-02-19 14:34:20 UTC