Join the Feuerstein Community as we welcome Dr. Boris Gindis! Dr. Boris Gindis is a licensed psychologist specializing in clinical work and research in the field of complex childhood trauma caused by international adoption. In his lecture, Cumulative Cognitive Deficit (CCD) and means of its remediation in traumatized children, Prof. Gindis will explain Cumulative Cognitive Deficit (CCD): its origin, structure, contributing factors, cumulative nature, and specificity in the targeted population - internationally adopted and refugee children, victims of complex childhood trauma. He will discuss remediation of CCD in school, community, and family environments is described based on methodologies in the realm of cognitive education and the fundamental change of social situation of development. This presentation may be of use and interest to researchers in the field of cognitive psychology, remedial and special education; post-graduate students in psychology, child development, and trauma treatment; practicing counselors/therapist/clinicians in the field of remediation and rehabilitation of children with developmental trauma disorder.

Posted by Feuerstein Institute News at 2023-03-13 13:32:28 UTC