Join the Feuerstein Community as we welcome Dr. Ruth Deutsch! Dr. Ruth M. Deutsch is a Chartered Educational and Child Psychologist who combines hands on clinical and educational work with consultation, lecturing, and training activities. She is an active user of all levels of FIE and LPAD with a wide range of populations. In her lecture Beyond Logical Reasoning: Developing Moral, Ethical and Spiritual Reflection using Instrumental Enrichment, Dr. Deutsch will discuss how Feuerstein's work creates a roadmap for life, helping to develop how we interact socially, ethically, and morally. She will highlight her points with examples taken from the mediation of the FIE Instruments – this is a lecture that no practitioner will want to miss! (Con traduzione italiana!)

Posted by Feuerstein Institute News at 2023-03-20 12:25:24 UTC